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Strathdon Bungalow boasts glorious views, and a flourishing garden bursting with tropical greenery. Rearing up from the bungalow’s front lawn are stands of giant bamboo that frame a striking vista of tea bush-clad mountains split by a deep recessed valley. The bamboo is thought to be as old as the bungalow itself and if you listen closely, you can even hear the whistle as its green tubes sway gently in the wind. Strathdon is located on the outskirts of Hatton, and this evocative 100-year-old ex-planter’s abode sits on its own tea-flanked hillside and until recently would have housed the superintendent of the Strathdon Estate. Recent renovations have brought its comfort levels in line with the present day. If you can tear your eyes away from the giant bamboo towering above the vertiginous valley, the views to the west of the bungalow aren’t bad either. The mountain ridge that rises beyond the valley appears to be split in two, with a railway track whose locomotives traverse the steep mountain paths between Colombo and Hatton en route to the eastern Hill Country running down the centre. Catching sight of these rust red carriages as they shunt their way along the tracks below a spout of smoke is always a treat to watch and it’s this animation that makes Strathdon’s views so special. At night, the lights of village homes illuminate the valley, mimicking the stars in the inky sky above. Strathdon Bungalow is home to four ensuite bedrooms: a pair of triples and a pair of twins. Three of the four bedrooms open onto an elongated living room–hallway, and this convivial set up works particularly well for families and close groups. At one end of this hallway is a TV Lounge, and a separate living room for quieter pursuits leads off to one side. The caretaker of the bungalow is also the cook and he’s been working on the estate for years. His English is good and he will do everything he can to make you feel at home. Attractions in the area include tea factories, spice gardens, old churches and reservoirs, and for the active, the sacred mountain of Adam’s Peak – a place of pilgrimage – is only an hour’s drive away.


Bandaranaike Intl Airport
132 KM
Dickoya Tea Factory
7 KM
Carolina Spice &Herbal Garden
6 KM
Warleigh Church
20 KM
125 KM
Nuwara Eliya
52 KM
66 KM
Adam's Peak
45 KM
7 KM
4 KM
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Bedrooms:  4
Sleeping Capacity:  10
Location:  Hill Country

Bedrooms setup

• Bedroom 1 Double+Single
• Bedroom 2 Double+Single
• Bedroom 3 Twin
• Bedroom 4 Twin


  • Manager (Restricted hrs)
  • Housekeeping (Full time)
  • Chef/Cook (All meals)
  • Security (Night time only)
  • Garden/Pool Staff
  • Service Staff

Key Amenities

  • Car Parking
  • Laundry Service (Extra)
  • Bed Linen
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • BBQ
  • TV (Satellite/Cable)
  • DVD Player
  • CD Player/Stereo System
  • Internet (WiFi)
  • Hairdryers
  • Bicycles
  • Generator
  • Safe
  • Extra Bed (Roll away/mattress) (Extra)
  • Baby Cot (Extra)
  • Main Dining (12 persons)

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Strathdon Bungalow


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